About Me

Hi, I am Nansing Bandod fromMadhya Pradesh, India. I am blogging since 2013. I have an experience of more than 4 years in  financial planning and investing.

What is the purpose of this blog:  To be honest, my main purpose of creating this blog is to make money.

Second main purpose is, many of my friends and colleagues keep asking me about the best investment options, Tips on saving money and how to do savings in good investments plans. I keep guiding them several times. At time I felt, that there might be thousands of people who would be struggling to understand the good investment options available right in front of them. I thought of writing my experiences, knowledge, Investment Ideas etc., so that they would benefit people like you.

While I am making every effort to be accurate, there can be errors without my knowledge. In case you find any of such errors or issues in this blog, please mail me immediately at mybusinessidea90@gmail.com so that I can correct it immediately.

Some people are posting on this page for their queries. I have disabled them and requesting you to post on relevant articles so that they would be useful for others too.

Thanks for your support.

Nansing Bandod